CRNA 101


What is a crna?

Providing anesthesia for over 150 years, it’s important to know who you’re “sleeping” with. Learn more about the profession of Nurse Anesthesia here.

Becoming a CrnA

Now that you know what a CRNA does, let’s discuss the typical requirements and steps to get accepted into CRNA school.

am i a competitive applicant?

Everyone desires to be the most competitive applicant for acceptance to the top CRNA schools. It’s more than just the numbers, but if you’re worried, let’s see how you stack up to the average applicant.

The ultimate CRNA faq

Is it hard? What should I do now to prepare? What if i’m waitlisted? I have an interview, now what? What should I do once I’m accepted? Get the answer to all of these questions and more in this section!