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what is a crna?

Providing anesthesia for over 150 years, it's important to know who you're sleeping with. Learn more about this profession here.


notes from nurse nelle, the official blog.

My reflections as a student nurse, to navigating the CVICU as a new grad. Read about how I survived nurse anesthesia school and my transition to independent practice.


resources, nurse nelle approved.

My favorite websites, apps, books and a host of professional, social organizations and social media accounts for nurse anesthesia.

Who is Nurse Nelle?

Dr. Charnelle Lewis is a CRNA who is committed to providing education, resources and mentorship to prospective and current CRNA students.

As a nurse strategist, she provides professional development services from resume writing to mock interviews.

When she isn't in the operating room or filming a YouTube video, she enjoys singing, traveling and the occasional outdoor run.