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Why read aloud?

Improve essay flow

Hearing your essay read aloud will identify gaps in your information. While many personal statements cover more than one topic, this helps with your transitions and identifies if you’re moving to the next prompt too quickly.

find errors

Grammatical mistakes happen. Seeing the same essay over and over can lead to missing words and spelling errors. Having a third party read your essay aloud is a powerful proofreading technique.

How does it sound?

For graduate school admission, the tone of your personal statement can tell a lot about you. Is it too formal? Too casual? Too chatty? Did you use the thesaurus and swap out way too many words? Hearing your essay will help us get a sense of whether your tone is right to impress the admissions committee. Listening also will put you in their position so that you have a better sense of the impression that you’re creating.

so, what happens next?

Send your essay via form submission. In 48 - 72 hours, you will receive (1) a video file with a real-time read-through and edit of your essay and (2) a final draft of your essay in .docx format with comments/corrections about your spelling, grammar and syntax. You will also receive a rubric based on the essay prompt with further recommendations.

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Is this an essay writing service?

No, this service will not write your essay for you. Your spelling and grammar will be corrected as well as your syntax (fancy way of saying how your words are arranged).

Suggestions will be made on your essay via “Review” tab of microsoft word or Google Docs. Final recommendations and grading will be given via personalized .pdf rubric.

What if I need help from the beginning? I don't even know where to start!

Use the “Contact Me” form to submit your inquiry for custom personal statement services.

My essay is due within 24 hours. Can you help me?

Rush services (12-24hrs) are available for an additional fee. Rush services will not include a video.

Please try to use this service at least 1-2 weeks before your essay is due. This service will produce a “final draft” of your essay and subsequent changes may still need your attention prior to final submission.

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RESUMe critique


what does this service include?

This is a personalized resume critique for graduate level admissions or healthcare employment. Receive feedback on areas needing improvement, proofreading and assistance with action words.

Upgrade to an advanced critique which includes formatting changes to reduce your page count or change to a new template.

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